Google Apps Phishing

posted Aug 19, 2016, 7:02 PM by William Brackett
We got this alert from another district. This one is deceptive since it is formatted like a Google Docs sharing notice. We will share in this post that there are some quick tips that can help you determine is an email is safe. 

First rule of thumb is always trust your gut. If you think something is off about an email then you are mostly right. This can be due to a sharing notice being received from someone you don't know or the email is unexpected. 

The images below came to our central office. It looks fine, as you can see in the first image. But it did come unexpected. 

Now we have two options. To see a legitimately shared document we do not need to click the link in the email we can go to our Google Drive and click on the section "Shared With Me". If it was a legitimate Google Doc then it will be there.

Or we can over our cursor over the title of the document. (In the example below it is called e-Document.) While hovering over we can see in the second image the link destination at the bottom of our email window. As you can see, the link goes to the Royal Diamond Hotel in the United Arab Emirates. Definitely not Google.

And finally if you click on the link using Google Chrome you will get a very big warning that the site is bad. Please never rely just on the Chrome warning, but if you do see the warning close your tab.

I hope this helps.